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I worked a lot, so I think a lot. This is where I write down what I'm thinking about.

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My Todoist Setup

I used to have a terrible time making sure everything got done. Obviously this didn't work well as an adult. Now I have my own system and rarely if ever lose track of something.

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0–100 in Django: Starting an app the right way

In this article we learn about a few more commands. We discuss what files are generated by the new commands, what each file does, and the best way to split information across apps.

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0–100 in Django: The Perfect Environment

If you have worked with Django for any amount of time you have probably seen many articles about how to setup your development environment the “right way”. It seems like everyone has their own idea of how to do this and it can range from only slightly different to wildly different. Today I am going to explain how I setup my environment, but instead of just telling you to do it my way I will also explain the choices behind doing things the way I do.

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