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Every job is a custom job, and your job is special.

The internet can be a complicated place with too many answers to your problem.

What you need is a guide with an answer that’s designed specifically for your situation. Someone who’s been in the tech industry for years and helped dozens of clients create IT solutions to meet their specific needs. But that person should also be able to see the challenges and possibilities of an online operation through the eyes of a layman. Because if your data-wizard can’t speak Human, then how can you even understand each other?

I’m that guide – so let’s talk. The internet belongs to everyone, so let’s make your piece of it shine.

Let’s Boost Your Business

From app development to taking your operation into the cloud, I’ve been there and I’m ready to help you get there too. As a full-stack developer, I’m ready to let you take advantage of my varied skills and years of experience. We’ll work together to get you the IT performance that you need, on schedule and within your budget.

Web Design

Your web site should be an effective tool that supports you. Find out how to use analytics, SEO, and user engagement to really make a difference.

UI/UX Design

If a site’s design doesn’t make sense to the user, they won’t come back. I can put powerful market research and years of design experience to create a site that’s easy and engaging for users – catching their attention and giving them the information they want.


Everyone has a brand, but let’s make yours sing. We can bring all your materials together - website, logo, social media – so they can reinforce each other and help give you the online presence you need.

Cloud Hosting

The next step for everyone is moving their operation into the cloud. I can help you make the jump so you can enjoy the benefits of a lower-cost platform with superior reliability

My Portfolio

It Doesn’t Have to be Complicated

The internet can be a complicated place. And for better or worse, that’s how it works.

I know how it works, and what’s more, I know how to make it work for you. Tell me what you need, and I bet I can show you how to get there, because chances are, I’ve been there before.

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My Background

My Awesome Background

I went to an awesome school (Go Trojans!). And now I work with two awesome schools (Allegany College of Maryland and Frostburg State University) as an educator helping to prepare the next generation of web developers.

Aster Codes, Freelance

2006 – Present
01. -

Opened and ran a local freelance business. Rapidly gained clients due to excellentcustomer service and the ability to explain complex technical issues at “human” level.

  • Presented “From 0 to 100 in Django” at DjangoCon 2017.
  • Provided free and volunteer services for multiple charities such as Maryland Salem Children’s Trust and the Islamic Society of Cumberland for outreach and marketing.
  • Blog posts accepted and published on the very popular HackerNoon on Medium.
  • Created a Django Video Course for Pack Publishing.
  • Developed the EnterYourCredits online system to accommodate the large MDDC Medical Conference.
  • Provided volunteer services for local religious and charity groups such as the Islamic Society of Cumberland

Frostburg State University

July 2013 - Present
02. -

Lead a 3 person team in a wide array of developments to increase the university’s web presence through a range of projects: web rebranding, rebuilding web architecture/servers, SEO & federal accessibility improvements. Spearheaded an educational program for the greater campus about handicap web accessibility.

  • Increased new users sessions by 32.2%.
  • Served as the departments spokesperson, participating in tech and industry panels/conventions, providing reviews, and providing direction to the department director and university CIO.
  • Rebuilt main web architecture that resulted in over 4000% increase in uptime.
  • Moved development team to a new process that focused on security, testing, and deployment stability resulting in a 46% increase in application development speed.
  • Presented multiple educational classes for various IT departments on Python and Python development best practices.
  • Designed staff training program that decreased web related help desk tickets by 69% by empowering functional end users to more effectively use CascadeCMS.
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Adjunct Professor

April 2019 - Present
03. -

Working at Allegany College of Maryland, I was charged with redesigning the "Intro to Programming" course. The college wanted a course that would be simple and easy for students from other majors to cross into. The course was redesigned with Python as the primary focus and covers the very basics of the Python Programming Language as well as acting as a great springboard. After this class students are prepared to go more in depth with web development, data science, and much more!

Next semester I will be redesigning the Programming 201 to be a Python focused class and build on the Python 101 course.

Course Creator

June 2017 - Jan 2018
04. -

Working as a contractor for Packt Publishing I wrote the script, code, slides, produced and edited the videos for the course Mastering Django Web Development.

The updated version of this course covers a wide array of topics and goes beyond just programming. The first section reviews class based views (CBV), how to use mixins, and some very useful documentation sites for navigating the OOP classes django comes with. The next section briefly goes into Django Rest Framework (DRF), DRF's CBV's, and authentication with DRF. Section 3 introduces GraphQL and Graphene; GraphQL has become an increasingly popular alternative to REST and this is one of the first videos to feature GraphQL with Django! Section 4 introduces Pipenv, the new recommended Python tool to manage dependencies and virtual environments. Section 5 goes into depth on testing Django, reviews multiple of Djangos testing tools and provides strategies to test your project quickly and efficiently. Finally Section 6 explains how to properly secure your Django app and how to plan for that inevitable security breach.

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August 2017
05. -

I was commissioned to give a detailed talk that covers getting started with Django Web Framework. My talk was received primarily by beginners to intermediate developers. The talk covered everything from getting started installing Python, installing Django, getting your development area setup through to setting up custom user models and unit testing. More information on this talk can be found on the official DjangoCon website.

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Allegany College of Maryland

06. -
  • Associates Degree, Computer Science |Associates Degree
  • Associates Degree, Programming | Allegany College of Maryland
  • Letter of Recommendation, Leadership | Allegany College of Maryland
  • Letter of Recommendation, Website Development | Allegany College of Maryland
  • Letter of Recommendation, Programming | Allegany College of Maryland
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